Singing in the rain !

If your anything like me you'll love this video and as we are having such poor weather at the moment I thought I would try and cheer you up.
Now you may just find me doing a little bit of singing in the rain as I am feeling a lot better now. I'd even go as far as saying I'm pretty close to the top of the world.
Thank you to all you kind bloggers who have left me messages of support it means the world to me and to know I'm not alone.

It's kind of funny how aware I am of the change in my mood this time around.
I've been getting up in the morning taking Darcy out for a walk come rain or shine.

This photo was taken 4 weeks ago when we were having some lovely weather.

 However this one is more recent, how Darcy loves to dive into the big puddles

 Robin taken early one sunny morning so not recent

Last Sunday I even tackled the ironing pile that would of given the Eiffel Tower a run for its money.
I'm keeping very busy doing this and that.
The house is almost back to being organised and tidy again. 
Mike's put up some new picture frames for me which I am slowing filling up.
I've been popping into school to sort out the odd thing or two as we are organising a large country fair for the school and hopefully the towns people for the Queens Jubilee.
Darcy and I have been dog training.

I've picked up my knitting needles although I have yet to finish a project as I keep starting new ones.
I went to the Creative Craft show on Thursday at the Bath and West show ground
Spent a few pounds on button's, fabric, a book and a couple of bag patterns but I had been very good and not gone over budget 
just as I was leaving I noticed a few people were stood around watching this lady demonstrating a sewing machine, so I stopped to check it out. 
That was it I was hooked.
Therefore Friday morning was spent changing the living room around again so when  my wonderful new machine arrived I would have room for it. 

My little sewing area

My sparkly new sewing machine

Yes that was my budget blown right out of the water hee hee.
There will be a few of you out there that will understand that people like myself just can't help spending money.
I used money I had been saving for a rainy day, well it was raining.
Right some of you will think I'm raving mad when I tell you that I have also purchased a new car this weekend however I have also been saving for a car for some time now as my little old clio Sparky is on it's last wheels.
I pick my new Renault Scenic up on Saturday and I'll be dropping Sparky off with his new owner, I'm giving him to my best friends young lad. 

This must be the first time that I have just typed a post up, without writing it out 10 times first.

Hope everyone is well and is keeping dry

Jo x