Hi and welcome, I'm Joanne
a part time wife and
full time mum
just holding tight and trying to stay on the roller coaster ride
that is life

I'm Forty One I have no idea when that happened. I'm still making mistakes but I'm learning.
I tend to live in the past and often wish I had made different choices but I'm trying to change this and I'm learning to live with my decisions good or bad.
I can't make my mind up and when I do I don't always stick by it.
Take this blog I can't think how many times I've changed the name.
I worry a lot and tend to over think situations.
 I get distracted very easily, there's always something else that needs doing.
I have a butterfly mind!
I change my mind for a past time and because of this I rarely finish projects unless it's for a friend. However I have just started up a small business so I won't have the option to put off or not finish projects now.
to the point where it really gets me down
so my home is rarely untidy but at times it can look and feel like a tornado has hit it.
When it gets like this I can spend days reorganising, cleaning and tidying.
Recently this hasn't been to much of a problem as I have just moved to a new house.
I live in a small town in Somerset, England with my three amazing, enthusiastic, delightful very loud children. You would probably hear us before you would see us if you came to visit.

I have recently found out that I'm Bi-Polar which just may explain some of the above and the fact that although I am still married and Mike is still very much in mine and the children's life's he does't actually live with us due to me not knowing what I've wanted. Right now this arrangement works for us as a family.

Meet Tallon aged 11, Lily aged 10 and
Flynn aged 7.

And this is DARCY
 10 weeks old.

Although I intend to post regularly, I don't find it easy to write, I tend to digress and then find I'm not happy with what I have written so I start again, then the moment has past and I end up posting nothing but I'm hoping that you may become a reader of my blog and that will encourage me to be more consistent.
I hope you've enjoyed getting to know me a little and you'll pop back.

You'll other wise find me at my sewing table or sat in the garden knitting, enjoying a book, the latest copy of Ideal Home magazine or cleaning. And now we have Darcy walking will be a big part of our life's

Leave me a comment so we can become friends.