Let the fun begin!

I have just five days, that's 120 short hours to prepare myself for the mayhem that is the school holidays.
Don't get me wrong I love this precious time that I get to spend with my three not so little children and five weeks of no school runs is very appealing.
However in the past this has proven to be a little difficult at times when you take into account our wonderful British weather, which isn't looking to promising at the moment.
 Also what are the chances of pleasing all three of my little darlings all of the time.
Consequently there will be days when we will have some grumpiness, a small amount of complaining, a little bit of whinging and no doubt some tears.

In spite of all the obstacals that we face.
 We will be having lots of fun whether that is having picnic's, long summer walks come rain or shine, late afternoons down on the beach, we're really not good at lazying around on a beach all day, making the most of our National Trust and RSPB memberships and if the weather gets really bad,  crafting supplies are at the ready, the indoor picnic usally goes down well and if all else fails lazy mornings cuddled up of the sofa watching tv in our pj's drinking hot chocolate always seems to win the day.

So roll on Friday when we can say good bye to frantic mornings,  hetic after school schedules and homework for five weeks of fun and relaxing.

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Pink Feather Paradise said...

Your more organized than me ! Lol mind you I've got rid of mine for a week ( maybe longer if I'm lucky!) so I shall be blitzing the whole house ...