Times to remember.

After Mondays post I had a little moment of panic I thought, really what are we going to do over the next 5 weeks.
Not because it's a long time as it always goes so fast and they will all be back at school before I know it.
  I just don't want us to waste any of it so here's what I did.
I took myself to the local sports centre which is only 5 minutes away to see what they had going on over the holidays for the children.
Lots of activities were on offer so I picked out a couple they may enjoy.
It starts tomorrow with a crash course of swimming for all three of them.
For the little guy, I've booked some trampolining lessons and martial art classes.
For Lily, Cheer leading, dance classes and drama workshops and
 for Tallon Archery.
However that only takes up the odd morning or afternoon so I still need to make sure I keep them busy
at the other times too, so that they can fill their scrapbooks with lots of  photo's and memorabilia of  their summer holidays.

The holidays actually started with a big bang.
Yesterday we packed up a picnic supper and drove a few miles up the road to these beautiful gardens for a night of classical music and spectacular fireworks.
We had such a wonderful time as we cuddled up under blankets eating our supper listening to calming, tranquil music. There were parts of the evening when I even had a tear in my eye, Lily listening to the music by the lake on her own, then when her daddy and little brother joined her, even the music that was played with the firework display.

The boys excited about the evening ahead.

Our precious little girl sitting by the calming lake as it and the plants sing to her ( her words)

Daddy with Lily and Flynn enjoying the peace and tranquility.

We will certainly be making this a yearly, family night out.

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