A Fresh Start

December 28th 2011

                                                              My New Journal                        
It is very quiet in my home at present as the children are spending some time with their dad this week. I am very grateful for a little peace and quiet and time to catch my breath after such a busy and eventful festive season. I am using this time to reflect on last year and to prepare myself for the fresh New Year which is waiting quietly around the corner.
This year’s journal sitting on the table in front of me, I pick it up and there on the first page written in my best handwriting are my plans and dreams for the coming year, the next few pages filled with dread, sadness and unhappy times. I remember now thinking life was never going to be good or happy again but what a difference a year makes. I read on and as the weeks and months pass life does get easier and there are many pages filled with laughter and good time once again 

                                          Many of my goals reached, some I’m still working on and others completely forgotten about. Dreams that still wait in the wings but others that have come true. Aspirations within my grasp as long as I keep stretching for them. I’m not discouraged about the ones that I did not achieve because I have learnt that it is the reaching for them that is important.
Also on the table is my lovely new journal with its crisp, clean pages waiting to be filled with new plans, dreams and tales of adventure and excitement. I am eager about the start of the New Year I know it is going to be another great year I can feel it in my bones, plus I have spent the last six months building new, stronger foundations and what is the point of walls if you haven’t got a good foundation to build them on.                                                                    

        This year I am taking a leap of faith and beginning this wondrous New Year believing. Believing in myself.


Anonymous said...

Hi, and thank you for leaving the great comment on my blog. Always so nice to 'see a new face' as it were. So I had to come and look at your blog didn't I? So glad I did as well, it's lovely and I am following now.
I agree that Christmas is about doing things you want to do, eating things you enjoy. So what if our Christmas dinner was just a slightly poshed up version of a traditional Sunday roast dinner... a special chicken with it's own lovely stuffing. We don't like turkey so why eat it just because it's traditional?
I want to tell you how much I agree with your final, closing sentiment... believing in yourself. When I counselled women with low self-esteem, one of the things I told them was to believe in themselves, that no matter what someone told them, they were worth better, they knew they were, and it was OK to strive for that. You need to like yourself, have faith in yourself, before others will. But in the end, it's how YOU feel about YOU, that counts.
Wise words in your posting, which was a joy to read.
I wish you well in the New Year, fill those pages with hopes and dreams, wishes and aspirations. If they don't all work out, there is always another year. I never make Resolutions, just Intentions. No pressure either way. You do what you can, what you want, and then you know you have done your best.
Take care,
Maggie x

Anonymous said...

Thank you.
i've had more than my fair share of crappy years, of times when it was hard to get myself out of bed in the morning and cope with two very small children. Coping with deaths, losing all my family one after the other, all gone by the time I was in my early thirties, by which time I had also lost my first husband. But I had also remarried, and a life that seemed bleak and hard changed. But it wasn't over for me yet, there were still challenges to come, life-threatening illness, life-changing surgery, separations from my sons... so many hard times it's a wonder to me that I still have my sense of humour. But it was that which saw me through a lot of the time, that and a belief in me. Such things make you stronger, have made me the person I am today, not the person I envisaged perhaps forty years ago, but someone I am happy with, for the most part. Health still continues to be a problem at times, but you get on don't you? Or go under, and I'm not a quitter. Neither are you is what I sense.
There's an awful Americanism - 'You go girl!' - which I hate. Wish I could think of a British equivalent, but the essence of what I want to say is there, in that awful phrase!
Take care.