What a wonderful day the sun is shinning and at last I am feeling a little like my old self again.
Thank you to all who were there for me and helped me through what I consider to be the worst time of my life I have never felt that low or desperate before. It frightened me and I frighted people who care and love me so I am very sorry for that.
Anyway I have been back to see my doctor  a few times and have been given support and care workers who I see every week and who are helping me with my recovery. These wonderful people got me a emergency appointment with a psychiatrist who has now put me on some new tablets an antidepressant to lift my mood I think they're working. I have just got to watch that they don't lift my mood to the point of going into manic mode, if they start to do this they will put me on a stabiliser as well.

It feels so good to get the house all clean and tidy again and to get my knitting needles out once again, oh how I have missed them and just in time to knit up a little something for Flynn's teacher. She was a fantastic teacher and will be very much missed when he goes back in September.

It's amazing the children broke up yesterday and the sun has at last come out to play may be it was just waiting for the children to be on their summer holidays.
I haven't planned anything for the six weeks so I'm just going to go day to day and see what happens.
The children have gone off with their dad this weekend just to give me a rest. I'm so pleased I am feeling better in time for the children's summer break and I will endeavour to keep them busy and happy though out the holidays.

Here's to six weeks of lovely sun shine (fingers crossed) and spending lots of quality time with my wonderful children.

 I hope the sun shine for you all and you have a wonderful weekend.
Jo x


Ali R said...

Glad you're feeling better my darlin'

Eileen said...

Great to hear you sounding so positive. Enjoy the summer break with your children. Take care.

Pennyblossoms said...

Chuffed to bits to read this, Jo!
Have a joyful time with your youngsters; do us some posts of what you all get up to, won't you?
Z xx

Timi said...

I am so happy to hear about you!!!
I was worried...but now I feel relief :o)))
This bunny is very lovely!!!
A wish you happy summer!!!

Anonymous said...

So pleased you are feeling more positive and looking forward to the long holidays. Love, love the bunny!

Eileen said...

Hi, I've nominated you for a blogging award. Please pop over to my blog and have a look. Eileen