I'm feeling trapped, I can't breath.
I feel like my mind is going to explode from all the thoughts racing through it.
 My skin is crawling, 
I can't sit still I keep pacing around the house. 
It must be the meds making feel like this I've never felt so alone before. I feel like I'm walking this path alone and I've stumbled and there's no one here to pick me up.
I'm scared I'm having thought of ending it all. 
I can't grasp control or stop.
I just want to get off this spinning world.


Pennyblossoms said...

Please hang in there, Jo!
If you don't want to talk to family, try the Samaritans. I'm not a great fan of theirs, but it gives you an outlet.
Will send you an email with my mobile. Use it if you feel the need.
Z xx

Eileen said...

It's really scary to read this post and to hear how you are feeling. Please, please go back to the doctor - I don't know if you have told the doctor how you are really feeling but it sounds like you need some more professional support. Show him/her this post - see if you can get some extra help, counselling or something. Please think of yourself and your children and hang in there, but do something to get some support. The samaritans (as suggested by Pennyblossoms) is a really good idea because they are at the end of the phone line 24 hours a day.

Trying to send positive vibes to you, and thinking of you... xx

Anonymous said...

I had left off commenting on this out of fear of upsetting you further.
I don't know what support you get from family, if they have realised how desperately unhappy you are, or maybe you hide it well.
I can only reiterate what others are saying, that you need to get more help, you need to be frank and honest with your health professionals and tell them if you feel they are not helping enough.
Take care.

Tracy said...

Jo, I hope that this post is just an outlet for your feelings buti agree with everyone else please go back to the doctors and ask for help and let us know how you get on xxx