When we moved to our new rented house I was determined I was going to make it our HOME
unlike our last house which never really felt like home.
Yes we bought the children up there and we did have some good times but for reasons which would take me for ever and a day to explain I just never felt settled there.
However after only being here a little over four months this is already starting to feel like home.
And from what the children say and how they have been behaving I'd say they were all pretty happy as well.
So inside is somewhat plain at the moment, it's a new build, so your not suppose to paint or do to much with it until the first year has passed, therefore I have done my best with furniture and hung the odd picture and photo and it's nice, cosy, clean, tidy and clutter free which is how I like it.

But hey the back yard is where I have been spending my days (When the British weather allows).
Hence this week I started work on the back yard.

This is what it looked like before I started.
OK so it doesn't look to bad, may be lacking in a bit of character.
Oh but that little bit near the shed was growing rather a lot of weeds and the odd mushroom.

Progress !

It may not seem like I had done much but I weeded, put some grass seed down, the lawn was slightly patchy. I bought a couple of slabs for the ugly bin to sit on and I also have a couple of pots which I  filled with what I hope will be some lovely flowers in a few weeks time, sooner if the weather is good to me.

Day Two.
More Progress!

DA DA I now have my own little beach hut to admire when I'm outside having a cuppa and knitting or reading.

Just need the summer to return now so I can do a little bit more, I would like to add a few more flowers and may be some climbers.

I've really enjoyed doing the garden and for once I've done it all myself, no one telling me what colours I should use or where I should put my pots, what flowers to have, this is all my work and if the flowers don't grow or the grass seed doesn't take then I'll just try again.

I want to say I hope your all having a good week but I feel like I'm talking to myself  as I only have the one follower, so Alex I hope your having a fantastic week.

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Pink Feather Paradise said...

Love the colour of your shed... and Im sure the pots will flourish... so long as you water them! lol

all you need now is .......


another manic weekend... but we're getting there!

xx Alex