Wilton Supercar Day

After a late start (couldn't make my mind up, to go or not to go)
and a hour and a half sat in traffic. Well not for me and Flynn as we got out and walked, the mile and a half instead.
We arrived here
For the Wilton Supercar Day
Now if I'm honest I'm really not into cars but it was a nice day and I know two little fellas and one rather much older fella that would love to go and see a bunch of dream cars.
Saying that we all had a fantastic day.

Flynn was lucky enough to be asked if he would like to sit in this car well they did the rev test.
Of course you need to know which car was the loudest hee hee.

I love this photo they all look so happy.

Flynn and Lily seeing how prickly this tree is

I often see arty pictures of car wheels not sure I got it right.

I did ask Mike if he was going to buy me one of these for my next birthday, the thing is I don't think he could afford one wheel let alone the car.

Loved this one

Now this is more like it hee hee.

So a great day out another one for next year diary.
 I think I'll try and get some practice in in car photography.

We may go back next week as Wilton House and the grounds are beautiful lot's of lovely places for picnics and a fantastic play park for the kids.

Have a great week.