Six months

Wow I can't believe it.
We have been living in our new home now for a little over six months.
 And the best part of that has been happy.
Yes there has been some up's and down's.
The main down part being that I've lost a couple of friendships on the way one of which was very special.
 I have made some new friends however I have become very fond of my own company so feel I do not need the same sort of friendships as I have had in the past.
My realationship with the childrens dad is still as up and down as always.

But all in all I am very happy.
Maybe a little needy at times still,
a little lonely at times.
I'm certainly not so hard on myself any more, it's ok to have bad days where I do nothing but watch
re- run's of  The House of Elliot. Yes this has become a firm favorite of mine.
Much to the surprise of myself and probably others too, I am nowhere near as bothered about house work or matching curtains and cushions as I was.
The house is still tidy but just not all the time.

The children are so happy in their new schools and are doing so well.
Both Lily and Flynn got the class room medal last week for there achievements that week.
I think this is a great idea one child from each class gets picked each week for achieving a certain goal or doing something above and beyond their normal level.
They are both in the school drama club and are looking forward to doing a Halloween performance.
Lily is in the school Glee club and is of to represent the school at a golf tournament this week.

As the children are so happy and are doing so well I wanted to show my appreciation to the school so I have joined the PTA, which I must say is a lot friendlier than other PTA's I have been on in the past.
I also volunteer two afternoon's a week and help with the children's reading.

This is Tallon my eldest.

Boy am I proud of him.
He's grown up so much since he went to big school (this is what the younger two call it).
King Arthur's.
This is a lad who just could never be bothered.
He comes in every night from school and right away gets his homework out and gets it done.
He not only does his homework but goes above and beyond to impress his teachers.

This little fellow is Tallon's first attempt with air drying clay.
It was his first art homework,  they can do anything they want for homework it just has to show off their artist talent's.
His teacher was so impressed with his efforts that he got a E Star (highest grade you can get apparently)
and it is now being displayed outside the deputy's office.

Tallon has also joined the Greenpower club amongst other's

This is King Arthur's car KAIII.

 The team got through to the final and are racing at Goodwood next weekend. Hopefully the weather is good as we are planning on going up to watch.
Tallon went with the team for the first time a couple of weekends ago to Castle Coombe.
He had a fantastic day in the pits, he's not allowed to drive the car this season. So he can't wait for next year when he'll have he's turn at driving.

So there you go just a little catch up.

Have a great week x

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