2012 A year for Challenage

So this year is going to be the year I challenge myself , nothing to big but challenging all the same.
To start with I have joined a few blog challenges not sure if that's what they really are but they will be for me if I'm going to keep them up.

First up
I've  joined Kathy and many others on this years photo scavenger hunt. Each month Kathy gives us a list of 12 words for are own interpretation and we have to take a photo for each one. I joined this one because I want to get more use from my camera. I took AS photography back 17 years ago when I was living in Cornwall, I never went anywhere without my camera. Then when I had the children the camera was always within an arms reach so I could catch all those little moments. However since they have all gone off to school the camera seems to come out less and less. We always seem to be rushing out the door and the camera gets left behind but I pledge to take it with me at every opportunity and take at least 12 photo's for this challenge.

OK so this is a good one because at the end of the year I will have 12, hopefully more gifts for Christmas. Every year I promise I'm going to make more gift items for Christmas then two weeks before I end up buying every ones presents. Not this year.

Here's present number one Looby Lou. There is a little girl who I know will love this knitted dolly.

And next

Hopefully this year will be a handmade year all round so not only am I going to make Christmas presents but I would like to have a little selection of birthday gifts so if and when the children are invited to party's I'll have a little special something for them to give to their friends. Sharing my makes and being inspired by all the lovely things that the other bloggers who are pledging to a monthly make in 2012 should help keep me on track.

Meet bunny he's the first to go into the gift box
(Just need to find a nice box)


However this isn't so much a challenge as a cosy night in.
It will be like having a bunch of friends over to enjoy a night of sewing, a good chick flick, chocolate and a cuppa or something a little stronger if you want.
All you have to do is stay in and sew, enjoy the evening and then blog about it on Saturday how simple is that.
I spend most Friday nights in on my own as the children go to their dads sat watching a good film, with chocolate and a cuppa all I need to add is a bit of sewing and that really is no hardship.

So there you have it my blog challenges.
There is a whole bunch of other things may be plans rather than challenges I'll blog about these later right now I have one little challenge sat at my feet waiting for her dinner.

Butter wouldn't melt Hmm really!

Oh yes and if your wondering i've changed the name of my blog AGAIN but a change is as good as a rest isn't it.


Nattie said...

Awwww cute sweet! I like that you are setting yourself challenges,look forward to seeing your new makes .
Nattie x

Jooles said...

Wowee you are going to be one busy bee. louby lou is so sweet x
love jooles x

Pennyblossoms said...

My header picture is me with my Louby Lou! (Golly too!) Oh, how I loved LL!
Wowsers, you're gonna be busy! I daren't join up with these things as it may just turn in to something else I can beat myself up about if I don't do it! Mind you, I am rather taken with the Friday Night Sew-In and I love seeing Alex (Odd Socks)photos each month for the Scavenger Hunt. At the mo, it's just getting the blog back on track I think!