So I joined in with a whole bunch of other people last night and had a cosy night in sewing.
It was just me and the little lady.

I spent the day cleaning, tidying and getting the kids over night bags ready for their weekend with their dad.

I spent a little time choosing the right project.

I bought myself this cross stitch for my 40th birthday.
However it got packed with all my crafting projects for the move and it never got taken out of the packet until yesterday.
I thought this would be the perfect FNSI project then I may actually get it finish.
So from now on every Friday night I will endeavour to work on my cross stitch.

So its out of the packet and started.
The books in the photo arrived on Thursday morning and as much as I desperately wanted to take a look then and there I used every last bit of self control not to because when it comes to new craft books you need to take your time to enjoy every inspiring project and take your time choosing which projects will go on your to do list and which one will be first.

Do you like my slippers? The kids gave them to me for Christmas

Something a little sweet

Now did I say it was a cosy night in, well my little lady likes to sit outside in the cold but she likes to be able to see me too so for a good part of the evening I had the back door open for her. It's lucky it's not real cold out.

She's a beautiful girl!


The Thompsons said...

you're slippers are so stinkin' cute!(Darcy, too).

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

What a lovely evening, and even better is getting a great start on your stitching! Happy FNSI!

Jody Herbert said...

You made a great start on your cross stitch. A great FNSI! Your dog is just gorgeous too.

Sherry said...

Can't decide which I think it cuter. . . Darcy or your slippers. Either way they are both terrific!

Brenda said...

Your little lady is beautiful so glad she kept you company while you stitched. Your project is going to be beautiful!

Vicki said...

Gorgeous dog, fun slippers and good progress on your cross stitch

Kelli said...

Great work on the cross stitch! Your little lady is a doll, and I love your slippers! :)

Timi said...

I've found your blog, at last :o)!!!
Your dog is sooo lovely!! What kind is your dog?

Pennyblossoms said...

Full of loveliness, this post!
Z xx