Today I've achieved nothing, well nothing I have anything to show for it. I'm in a right old mess, restless and fidgety the first day of the year that I have felt a little out of control.
Am I mad it sure feels like it. I wish time would just stop or at least slow down for a while so I could  catch my breath.
I can't stay focused on one subject long enough to get it down on paper.My thoughts are jumping around in my mind like little bunnies playing in a field. I've so much I wish to write about, I've been scribbling for hours but none of  it makes sense its all jumbled up. Ballet,crafting, family, decorating I can't get it to all fit together.
I write, I edit and rewrite I want it to be perfect. I'd like people to stay and read and enjoy it so they come back. If only the words would flow like a running water from a tap smoothly and controlled.
I think I will have to leave it for today.

How do you all do it, write your blog post. Do they take days of writing and editing, have you got post all lined up reading to go live or do they just happen you sit there and the words just fill the page without much thought?

I will just leave you with this picture of  The Romeo and Juliet Ballet .

Back at Christmas Tallon's school did a concert and the music teacher mention that she had been able to get a few seats for Romeo and Juliet at the Royal Theatre in London. I asked Tallon if he would like to go, OK so I helped a little in convincing him it would be a great experience. When he said yes I went to his teacher I told her that he would like to go and if she needed a parent helper I could be persuaded to go. She said they were always short of helpers and she would be very grateful if I could spare the time to go with them. I thought about it for a millisecond and said yes. We off on Tuesday and I am very excited about it.


Tracy said...

Hi just found your blog over at Eileen's and justed wanted to pop over and say hello, sometimes when I write a blog post I seem to know exactly what I want to say and it's all done and dusted other times I write rewrite and rewrite again, and it seems to take forever. I think we all worry what others think of our ramblings and what I like is the honesty in your blog posts it's easy to think that we should only write about the good stuff and not anything else, or only post about the things we have made and finished rather than the 20 other half started might never get finished (guilty again) things. I love the honesty in your blog post so keep it up kind regards Tracy xx

Pennyblossoms said...

Hi Jo!
I'm with Tracy on this, keeping the honesty in your blog.
I write mine for me, just to keep track of stuff. Not worried about how many follow, (tho' I have met several of them and am so pleased they are now friends too!). I wouldn't mind a few more comments, but if a post doesn't get any, so what?
I can go several days with no posts, then just play catch-up. If it's a bit out of sync, again, so what? I'm not after perfection!!
Write when you can, we'll be out here ready to read it!
I do hope you enjoy the ballet. R & J is such lovely music. I is quite jel!
Have a great year!
Z xx

Eileen said...

Hi Jo, like the others I like the honesty of your posts.

I tend to just write my posts as and when I'm ready to update my blog. My personal circumstances mean that if I tried to work on a draft post aiming for perfection, it is very unlikely that I'd ever get round to updating the blog.

I tend to write my blog for myself and not worry too much about what other people think. I just make sure that I avoid subjects that could cause offence. I don't have that many followers (compared to some) but from them I've made some good friends and look forward to the contact with them.

If you want to get some more followers try joining in with some of the crafting or the photo challenges. You usually get lots of comments from the other participants and you'll find that your following gradually increases.