Darcy helps

IT may have seemed like a really rash, certainly not thought out decision when I got Darcy but she has be a real help. I have to get up and get out you see other wise Darcy would give me no peace she loves her walks and dog training so she gets to see all her friends. So once I've got the kiddies off to school Darcy and I hop in the car and make our way to the fields where we take our morning walk come rain (which has been a lot lately) or shine and there we meet our friends.
So I thought I would share a couple of photo's of Darcy and her friends.

Darcy saying hello to Rocky


Darcy in her favourite puddle


and some blossom.

Hope your enjoying your week

Jo x


Ali Rothwell said...

Lovely pics Jo - and what a gorgeous girly-dog x

Vicki said...

great photography - love photos of dogs having fun - action shots x

Timi said...

Oh, it's so much fun to have a dog :o)! Darcy is beautiful, just like the photos :o)))!

Poppy said...

Hello Jo, how cute does Darcy look!
Fab pictures.....

Lou xxx

Eileen said...

lovely photos, Jo.