It's so cold and wet out there today. It's so unfair over the weekend we seen a glimpse of the weather that I have yearned for for so long now, I'm sure it would help lift my mood and the children's mood too as they to are feeling a little glum these days. Being held up in the house day in day out tends to get a little boring.

Flynn had a fantastic birthday and was very happy with his WII game and his Beast Quest books oh and the money he received. It day and weekend didn't go as planned as I didn't feel up to driving so we didn't get to go to the beach and as the weather was so good Mike and I spent time in the garden tidying up and the children got to go out with their friends.

On Saturday Afternoon I took some of my card making stuff to here for a second hand sell I was very good and made more than I spent and I also meet some lovely people. I hope to meet them all again on Wednesday night for a UFO night (unfinished objects). It's not to far for me to drive.

I've stopped taking my meds, I know that's probably not a good idea but they were making me feel awful, I just felt drunk all the time and not in a nice way I couldn't concentrate on anything, couldn't get comfortable sitting, standing, lying, nothing was getting done and when you have a family you just can't go on like that. Mike may have to take some time of work if I go on meds just to help out but I'm not sure how he feels about that.

Anyway today I have managed to get something done meet BUG BUNNY, a friend wanted something for her new niece and this is what I've come up with. I'm really please with her. I hope her new little owner likes her.


Well I'm off to say hello to a few of you.
 Hope you have a great week

Love Joanne x

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Timi said...

This bunny looks lovely!!!
I wish you a great week, too ♥!