HELP!     I'm so frustrated, I have a massive amount of energy but it all seems to be in my mind.
I've got my mojo back and am managing to keep the house tidy, take Darcy for walks although I do get out of breath quite easily and I've been doing the odd bit of knitting however that's about as much as I can manage but my mind is racing with lots of new ideas and energy but the meds I'm on seem to be holding me back. I'm not sleeping that well, my whole body feels heavy, I can't seem to get comfortable when I'm trying to do some knitting, when I go to bed it feels like I'm lying on a pile of books, which wouldn't be so bad if I could concentrate long enough to read them.
I so wanted to have a craft stall at the school fate at the end of May but I'm getting nothing made and it's frustrating because I really want to make and I'm trying but I feel slightly drunk most of the time and no I'm not drinking lol. Will this feeling last forever or do I just have to wait for my body to get use to the meds.
Although all this is frustrating it's better than a few weeks back when I first started on two meds of which I'm only taking one now because I was so sick for days I had to stop taking them.

I had appointment with the Doctor on Tuesday and as I thought I just have to wait for my body to get use to the meds. Hopefully this should only take a week or two more. He is sending me for a blood test and for an ECG just to make sure all is ok.

Tomorrow is my little chaps 8th birthday as always I can't believe how quickly time has passed by. All he wants really is a set of Beast Quest books. I couldn't be happier that this little guy is so into his reading that he wants books for his birthday. I do hope that I can at least get it together enough to make a cake for him tomorrow. After school we are hoping to take a trip to the beach with Darcy and meet their dad. Mmm it may be KFC for tea.

I hope you are all well and aren't feeling to down about the weather as I think most of the country is having a very wet time at present it's hard to feel happy all the time.


Pennyblossoms said...

Sounds like a 'perfick' birthday celebration is on the cards to me!
Happy Birthday to your son-have a great day! And, yes, it is great to read about a youngster who enjoys seems few and far between nowadays!
It may well be the meds that are making you feel rubbish. You may have to change again to get the right type/dosage, but try and stick with it!
I did email you, but maybe it went into Spam, or you were just feeling too cr*p to reply.
Glad to see that yo are posting tho'; you're doing better than me!!
Z xx

Tracy West said...

Try not to be so hard on yourself,you are going through a lot as anyone with mental illness will know. You need to be kind to yourself and set yourself small goals to achieve so things dont get on top of you. For example why not say 'right. this week I shall complete one project of craft' if you achieve smaller goals you will feel like you are in control more. Kids take time and energy I never seem to have a moment until they are in bed. I havent knitted all week due to being a bit coldy and low......chin up hun! xx

Timi said...

We have very, very warm May here...about 28 I would be very happy to have some rain here...:o)))
Happy birthday to your little one :o)!!!
I hope you will be ok soon and the tests will be fine!
Take care!

Anonymous said...

Well I can empathise on many levels. I had 'mental problems' when I was in my twenties, brought on by circumstances I don't want to share. I got out of it... it took time. As has been said, try not to overwhelm yourself with things you want to do... choose one small thing, do it, and you will feel so pleased with yourself that the mental energy to go onto something else will be there. But small steps...
And I too am getting used to new meds which cause so many problems, all drugs have side effects but sometimes I wonder why I get all of them! But I have no option but to carry on regardless.
Keep smiling, it's not always easy I know. But you have a lovely young man there, hope he enjoyed his day.